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Becoming a member… is a production listing service offered by the Film & Television Industry Alliance. We publish weekly breakdowns of major film and tv projects currently in pre-production and active development.

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"If you work in film and television, you know about – Their weekly breakdowns include production contact data that helps us connect with production studios, producers and project managers responsible for hiring crew on every major film and tv gig gearing up to start filming. You won't get this data anywhere else!"

Tyler Flemming

Staffing Agent

"I use Production List to research which films require legal services before, during, and after production. I focus my practice on entertainment law, so this is a great way to get ahead of the competition."

Jon MacArthur, Esq.

Entertainment Attorney

"The weekly breakdowns cut my research time in half. I landed a couple of film projects that I wouldn't have know about otherwise. Thanks Production List!"

Jennifer Furches

Script Supervisor

"I've been a member of FTIA since I first started working in the entertainment industry. Production List is an easy way get in touch with upcoming film and tv productions."

Jay Rollins

Music Composer

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Our mission is to help industry veterans stay up-to-date on upcoming film & tv projects, as well as offer support to young aspiring filmmakers as they try to break into the industry for the first time.

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